Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Richard Nixon Walkway

We bought our home in 1994. It's an older home, built in 1948, and had many owners through the years. Before us, the longest one family had owned it was 13 years, in the 1970s-80s. We surpassed that this year when we reached 14 years. That makes my kids very happy, to know we have lived here the longest!

The people who lived here just before us were the world's sloppiest painters. When we moved in, there were paint drips on the baseboards, paint smears on the window casings, even paint drips on the carpeting. The worst paint mishap of all was on the front walkway:

A seafoam green splotch that looked like Richard Nixon in profile. See his nose pointing off the left? We lived with Richard for 13 years. Four years ago we had to have our sewer replaced, which required half of our walkway to be destroyed. The Richard Nixon square unfortunately remained intact. Two years ago we had our front porch replaced, which required most of the other half of the walkway to be destroyed. But the Richard Nixon square again remained intact. Our walkway was looking pretty shabby, with new concrete to the left, not-quite-the-same color new concrete to the right, and good old Richard smack dab in the middle.

Finally, last year, we decided to re-landscape and go with a new look altogether:
Bye bye, Richard!

I love this walkway. I love how it curves, and how it has a little step. I love that it does not have a seafoam green Richard Nixon paint splotch right in the middle. The landscaper who installed it suggested we sweep a 50 lb bag of sand into the cracks each spring to help with weed control, so I did that today. That's one more outdoor chore to add to the list of spring clean-up every year!

Here are some other signs of spring at our house:


Leila said...

That is just so funny.

I love the new walkway too.

My only regret is that you didn't save Richard and sell him on eBay. ;>

Spring, huh? It's snowing here as I type.

millie said...

I love that you have a picture of Richard even if he doesn't exist any longer. Your kids will always remember that green face.

Tricia said...

Nice curvaceous walkway! I should drive by and check out the landscaping as well.

I don't think we will ever we the longest residents at our house - one of the original owners was here for more than 60 years! However, as 3rd owners of the house, we're now (or will soon be) 2nd longest at nearly 11...

Lynn said...

I never noticed Richard.

besomom said...

Lynn, I think you usually come to the back door. You may never have been on my front walk!