Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trixie Belden

My children were on Spring Break this week. Yesterday we made a trip to a large used book store housed on four floors of an old factory. The climate control in the building is almost non-existent, with pockets of hot and cold, damp and dry, throughout the building. Each aisle has a fluorescent light with a pull-string hanging down. You have to turn on the light yourself, and turn it off when you leave the aisle. The experience of shopping in that building is as much fun as the thousands and thousands of books! I get a little overwhelmed when faced with so many books, and I'm never as focused as I'd like to be while browsing. I always leave feeling like something important escaped my notice.

My daughter had a mission to find some Trixie Belden books, and we did manage to find two that we don't already own (plus a few other non-Trixie titles!)
These are all the Trixie Belden books I saved from my childhood. My daughter has read the first five already.
We already had The Black Jacket Mystery in paperback, but when I saw this 1961 Whitman edition at the bookstore yesterday, I had to buy it. The Whitman editions are a nostalgic favorite, even though most of my copies are 1970s paperbacks.
I liked Trixie because she was everything I was not: a tomboy, spunky, fearless. Her brothers tease her a lot, but they also admire and respect her. There is some of that going on with my own kids. My 10-year-old son has a lot of disdain for his 8-year-old sister, but when I press him for names of any girls he thinks are "cool", he reluctantly admits that his sister is one of the coolest girls he knows!

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Michele T. said...

I have one Trixie Belden book, which I see in your pile, the Mystery of Cobbett's Island. I have dragged the book around with me since childhood but I have zero recollection of the story. So far no interest from Z. in reading it though.