Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Punch Bowls and Disco Balls

Editing comment: I have tried several times to put spaces between my paragraphs in this post, but blogger refuses to cooperate with me. My apologies if this is difficult to read.
This will not be going in the punchbowl at my son's 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony. This is homemade spirits, distilled by my husband's distant relatives in Eastern Europe. My husband's paternal grandparents immigrated to the U.S. when they were young, leaving behind all family. Two or three summers ago my husband's sisters tracked down the long-lost relatives in their grandparents' homeland and made the journey to meet them face to face. They came back with fascinating stories, and a gift for my husband from his father's cousins: homemade spirits. Yowsa. I hope the cousins never track down this blog, because now they'll know we were afraid to even try the stuff. It looks innocent enough, just like a bottle of water, which is why my husband drew a skull and cross bones on it, to keep the kids out of it.
My sister-in-law is having a graduation party for herself this week, and she asked for the spirits to serve to guests. I was kind of sad to see the bottle go, because it was becoming legendary, but it's nice to know it will get used. I'll have to ask her if anyone survived.
My son's class is having a graduation of sorts (really a promotion celebration) in a couple of weeks, too, as they finish elementary school. I'm not planning the party, but I am helping with the preparations. My assignments are to find two punch recipes and a disco ball. Mission accomplished. I thought the punch would be easy and the disco ball difficult, but the opposite was true. The disco ball was easy to procure. It was harder to find appropriate punch recipes. One punch has to be red and the other has to be yellow (to match school colors). I wanted simple punch recipes so we don't have to worry about expensive ingredients, or freezing, or blending, and of course, we can't have alcohol! I finally found two recipes that fit all the criteria. I know the ingredients aren't exactly healthful, but c'mon, it's party punch, and we all know it's not a party without high fructose corn syrup and glycerol ester of wood rosin!
Red Punch
1-2 L bottle of Hawaiian Punch
1-12 oz can frozen OJ concentrate
1-2 L bottle ginger ale
Combine above ingredients in a punch bowl.
Yellow Punch
2 cups lemon juice
2 cups orange juice (not concentrate)
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
2-2 L bottles ginger ale
Combine first 4 ingredients in punch bowl and stir until sugar dissolves. Pour ginger ale slowly down sides of punch bowl just before serving.
I actually haven't tested the yellow punch recipe yet. I need to get out my calculator and figure out amounts for a one-glass serving! If it's gross (and I've had gross yellow punch before) I'll need to do more searching.
We had a promotion planning meeting after school today. My kids opted to head for home without me. When I got home, I held my breath as I entered the house. Would they be fighting? Would my daughter come crying to me with news that her brother had pushed/punched/pinched her? I found them sitting companionably side by side, eating a snack, each engrossed in a book. Whew!

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