Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We had our driveway redone last week. The old asphalt was a crumbled mess, so we finally bit the bullet and had a cement driveway put in. After they tore out the asphalt I realized we didn't have to pour cement in the same configuration that the asphalt had been. Result: I now have a much larger garden patch in my backyard! You can see the bank of dirt outlining the former edge of the garden. Isn't there a lot more space now? I'm so excited about this, and want to do something pretty here. It's definitely going to need a little stepping stone path, don't you think? My dad made some beautiful stepping stones for me a few years ago, which we have on the other side of our house. They definitely are needed there, but I don't see them every day, so I think I will move them to the garden where I'll see them all the time.

I'm still planning our plot in the community garden, too. My husband and I went seed shopping last weekend. I took time to wander around the store, and found this basket, which will be perfect when it comes time to harvest: Can't you just see it filled with tomatoes and beans and squash and zucchini? My husband was less enthusiastic, and argued that we have plenty of Tidy Cat buckets at home that would fit that purpose. Gack! Bring home the fruits of our labor in a hard-sided, heavy bucket that once held cat litter? Not only is that gross, it's also impractical. I would definitely get bruised legs lugging a Tidy Cat bucket around. This basket is lightweight and has a comfortable handle. Plus, we were shopping at a locally-owned independent garden store, and when I'm in a locally-owned store, I allow myself little splurges.

Now after all this, I just hope there will be something to harvest! Is buying a harvest basket in the spring the same as counting your chickens before they're hatched?

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Anonymous said...

Counting chickens before they're hatched? NO, a harvest basket is a place to put your dreams while they're becoming reality!

Dreams would never flourish in a Tidy Cat bucket, would they. However, my husband would have said something very similar. All those cloth bags I take to the grocery and library would suit the harvest just fine, I know he'd say.

Happy gardening, and happy harvesting!