Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Faces of Son

My son's promotion ceremony was tonight. This officially marked the end of his years at the elementary school. How did we get here so fast? My favorite part of the ceremony was when the children (all 60 of them) stepped forward one by one and shared a memory of their days at this school. They all started with "I remember when..." "I remember when we made green eggs and ham in kindergarten." "I remember when I felt lonely and Mrs. R sat with me." "I remember when I got in trouble at lunch recess, but the secretary was still nice to me." "I remember when we hatched quail eggs in first grade." Hearing all the memories really tugged at my heart strings. I remember many of those things, too, and I love knowing that the kids remember it all, too.

Our principal now calls me the disco lady because I had been in charge of getting a disco ball for the post-ceremony party. I'm not sure that's how I want him to to think of me! The disco ball was not my idea, just my responsibility. We ended up having to cancel the ball anyway because we had no way to safely hang it. I was amused this evening when my daughter and I read Diary of a Worm at bedtime and I noticed the worms had a disco ball hanging at their school dance!

Here is a self-portrait my son painted last year in school. In real life his eyes are truly almost that big, although they aren't quite so crazed!

This year in art his class made masks.

They worked with a partner to make these. One of the pair would lie down on a table or the floor, and the other would place strips of gauze and plaster of paris over his/her partner's face. The child whose face was being molded had cotten stuffed in his/her ears to keep plaster from dripping in. The gauze and plaster covered the entire face, except for two small nostril holes for breathing. They had to lie there for 10-15 minutes with eyes, ears, and mouth covered, waiting for the plaster to harden, breathing through their nose through two small holes the diameter of a drinking straw. Can you imagine? I am so impressed that these children had the nerve to do that! The art teacher had a plastic mold of a face in case anyone was unable to tolerate having their own face plastered, but all of the kids molded their own faces. When the masks were cured, the kids decorated them. My son wanted his mask to look fierce.
My fiercely-faced, crazy-eyed kid is done with elementary school. Wow. At least he's not heading off to college just yet.

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