Friday, June 13, 2008

I cried

I thought I would be okay. I didn't cry at the promotion ceremony on Wednesday night, so I figured I was safe. I felt unemotional this morning. So what if it's my son's last day at the elementary school? He's happy it's summer. He's ready to go on to middle school. I'll be fine with it. I still have one kid in elementary school. It's good. It's exciting. It's summer!

And then I got to school.

It didn't look like our usual last-day-of-school activities. Something was different. The students were lining both sides of the hallways, kindergarteners near the front doors, then first graders, then second graders, and so on, all the way to the 5th grade classrooms. And then the fifth graders, led by their teachers, exited their classrooms and marched down the hallway and out the front doors while all the younger kids and teachers and staff cheered and clapped them out. Cheered and clapped them out for their last trip out of that school.

I lost it. I cried. My fellow 5th grade moms cried. The couple of 5th grade dads who were there looked like they wanted to cry. Parents of younger kids seeing us cry started to cry. It was quite a scene.

And then I did the most taboo thing of all at school. I hugged and kissed my son right there, right in front of school, and I cried all over the top of his head. He, of course, was saying things like "ow, you're squishing my neck!" and "can we go home now?"

I made this sign in a hurry just before I left to pick up my kids. I wanted to tape it to the back door to greet them when we got home, but I couldn't find the tape. Story of my life! I spend way too much time looking for things like sharp pencils and Scotch tape. I propped the sign up on the laptop instead. I wish I had thought of doing it sooner than two minutes before it was time to get them so I could have done it up right.

added about 5 minutes after posting original post: You know it's going to be an interesting summer when not two hours into it your daughter says "Hey, mom, can me and (best friend) go up on the roof?"


Leila said...

Oh! I'm sorry it was hard. I cried too, yesterday, when picking up my kids (see my livejournal for my wails. )

Roof, eh? Sigh...

Lynn said...

The roof...
Bring them out to visit the chicks!