Sunday, June 1, 2008

June is Bustin' Out All Over

Happy June! Here are some things we did today. I made another embroidered card for a teacher.

This one will go to the art teacher. She has taught my son for the past five years, and he has loved her class. My daughter loves art class, too. My kids are never eager to get up and go to school, but I can coax them out of bed a little quicker on Art Day. They hate to miss art!

My daughter and I walked around our yard today to check out the garden. The columbine is in full bloom. This is volunteer columbine. It just popped up in our yard one year, and it keeps coming back every spring. I love it. It's so graceful.

We planted some pumpkin seeds last week, and one has finally sprouted. I love seeing how the earth gets pushed aside by an emerging plant. This sprout was still underground yesterday, but it's already grown considerably. I hope we have room to let it grow this summer.
Our cat, Tiger, watched us through the front door. She and her sister have only hind claws, but they are learning how to climb that screen anyway, much to my dismay. My daughter took these photos of our garden statuary.
My mother-in-law gave me this fairy years before my fairy-crazed daughter was even born!
The frog is my personal favorite. He looks so dapper sitting cross-legged in his rocking chair, reading a book.

When I downloaded my photos today, I could see that my son had borrowed my camera.

My first thought was that these guys are holding weapons, because that is often the scenario, but on closer inspection, I believe my son created a concert-in-the-town-square scene. See the audience in front of the stage?
I like the cafe set up on the sidewalk, complete with waiter. If you look at the stage, from top to bottom we have a guy on keyboards, three guitar players, and a drummer. It's hard to see in this photo, but the guy in the red hat in the front row of the audience is drinking a mug of beer.

If you live in Lego City above the market on the square, you can watch the concert from your window.

My kid amazes me!

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Lynn said...

I love the lego scene!

If you don't have room for that pumpkin plant I am sure you can have some of ours. We planted over 90 hills of pumpkins this year!