Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Outer space quilt

This wall-hanging quilt is still in progress, but I figured it was close enough to being done that I could show it off. Besides, here's a secret: I actually don't like quilting all that much, so I'm pretty much in-the-ditch and get it done. I like choosing or designing a quilt pattern, selecting the fabric, cutting the pieces, and piecing them together, but quilting the top, batting, and backing together is drudgery to me. I have tried to machine quilt, but that's painful, too. So even if I waited to photograph this until it's completely done, it's not like I'd have really cool quilting to show off.

I found the perfect fabric for the outer space theme. It's purple (my purples always look blue in my photos for some reason) with stars and swirls. I always love to find that perfect fabric, and finding the perfect one totally justifies shopping for new fabric even when I have a decent stash at home.

I mentioned these embroidery patterns in this post. They are from Sublime Stitching. This wall hanging is for my son, who likes humor and outer space. The little alien appealed to him big time.

Thanks for all the comments on my last post about radishes and old strollers. I've learned something new about gardening, and it relieves me a bit to know that I'm not the only one with a strong attachment to those things from babyhood.

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Leila said...

Hummm.... well, I'm not a quilter (I'd stab myself to death on the needles, I"m sure), but one of my friends is. She tried to make a home business wtih a Stattler quilting machine, but it was too physically hard (she's disabled)... All this to say... there are place out there that will quilt the stuff for you.

She did do two quilts on the machine for my kids, and they're great, I really love the way machine quilted stuff "drapes".

And I love the outer space theme. It's very cute!