Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Uh oh

The painting is not going well. I think I've made a terrible mistake.

I like the color on the wall. I like the new molding. I like the white ceiling. What I do not like is the way they are all coming together. Specifically, I do not like how the wall color looks next to white.

What do I do with that molding? If I paint it the color of the wall (which would be easiest), it looks awful against the flat white of the ceiling. If I paint the molding a glossy white, I have the same problem of white clashing with the color. (see both examples in the photo above: glossy white to the left, wall color to the right)

I should have stained the molding. All the other trim in the room is stained. But it's too late, because it's already been primed for painting.

To put it politely: drat!

I need to come up with a trim color. Sherwin Williams suggests Twilight Gray or Library Pewter as accent and trim colors with this wall color. That wouldn't really work with my furniture. Maybe I need to paint it a shade darker than the walls? But then I still have that problem with how it looks against white.


Or maybe I need to paint the ceiling a color other than white.


That's how it's going here...


Leila said...

I know nothing about all this... I'm the one who painted her spare bedroom a shockingly bright shade of pink and we all love it... Anyhow, can you try the one shade lighter colour on the moulding? I think -I'm not sure why- it'll look ok, mand maybe transition better.

Other less and popular suggestion... can you take down the moulding, and use it elsewhere and get new stuff to stain?

Best of luck....

Leila said...

Other thought...

Can you do something totally odd, like a colour from your fabric/furniture (like navy or deep red or something)?

besomom said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, Leila, although if I suggested starting over with the molding, I think my husband would leave me. These decorating/redecorating/remodeling ideas are *always* mine, and it always takes some convincing to get him on board (but to his credit, he does help out every single time).

He did agree with me that something with the color/molding/ceiling is not quite right. I am going to ask my artistic neighbor to come over tomorrow and give me her opinion on what color to use on that molding! This color comes from SW Arts and Crafts series, and I have the booklet with all the color swatches from that series.

There is no such thing as a simple paint job in this house. Never!

sugarcreekstuff said...

Some paint/fabric colors have a white base some have an off white base (tan). That color you picked must have an off white base and may look better next to off white, which means painting the ceiling off white, yuck more work. Before you do that though make sure your other fabrics in the room have the off white tone as well or the whole room may look off, and it may be better/easier to switch to a different color paint.
BTW this comes from the gal who has changed her mind and has painted the living room (12 foot walls) 3 times, once 2 weeks before Christmas. I just slid the tree around. I hope this helps.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Oh I just thought of something easier that may work, try mixing some white with a bit of the wall paint color and try that lighter shade on just the trim. Sometimes it works as a complimentary color. It may mean less painting in the long run.

Anonymous said...

My in-laws just painted their living room, and added cove moulding right next to the ceiling. Their interior decorator suggested they paint the ceiling the lightest shade of the paint (a green) that is on their walls. So, the walls are a soft green, the cove moulding is white. and the ceiling is a very, very light green of the same shade. It looks beautiful.


Lynn said...

I was going to suggest what sugarcreek said. Try a tiny bit of the paint and mix it with white on the moulding just to see how it looks.

Otherwise, Ask Martha. or look here