Wednesday, August 6, 2008

From the road...Montreal

We have been enjoying ourselves in Montreal the past few days. City vacations are exhausting! Lots of walking and siteseeing. The kids are holding up well. I think they've learned to expect that we will make them walk and walk and walk while on vacation.

My kids have been to Canada before. They decided to wear their Canadian souvenirs from previous trips so that they look Canadian for this trip. They crack me up.

Some scenes from Montreal the past few days.

Montreal viewed from Mt. Royal
A building that looks like a 1960s era dollhouse my sister used to have.
A fountain with fire and steam. We never did find an explanation for this one!

Some cool architecture.
A narrow street in Old Montreal. Feels like Europe.
Victorian houses.
A traffic signal for the bike lane.
One of my favorite things so far happened at the top of Mt. Royal at the observation platform. It's a popular place for people to line up for a photo with the city as the backdrop. One French-speaking mother organized her French-speaking family for a group photo. She posed them, said something to them in French, and they all responded "Cheese!" Is Cheese universal? I guess it works better than Fromage for a photo.

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