Saturday, August 2, 2008

On the Road Again

We are leaving Sunday for a long driving trip to Quebec and other points east. For entertainment on our journey we have some family-friendly books on CD checked out of the library, the kids have their books and car games packed, we have travel bingo and Rubberneckers in the car, and I have my crochet project. I like to do crochet in the car because there are no sharp needles to worry me. Sharp things make me nervous in moving vehicles!

I decided to make a baby blanket for Project Linus to keep me occupied on our travels this summer. A blanket is a nice on-the-go project because there is no shaping, so I don't need to keep track of rows or rounds, and the pattern is quickly memorized, so I don't have to keep a pattern balanced on my lap in the confined space of the car. A baby blanket is a nice size for the car because it is small and not unwieldy. I got the pattern for the blanket free here.

OK, I still need to pack my clothes and shoes. I spend way more time worried about what books and projects to bring than what clothes to bring, but I do care what I have to wear, so I need to get busy. I am fearing that I will look a complete frump in Montreal, where the women are chic.

Hope to report from the road. Otherwise, I'll be back in a few weeks.

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