Monday, August 18, 2008

A reason to smile

Someone got his braces off today! Very exciting. He will have to wear a retainer, but he doesn't get that until Thursday. His verdict without the braces: "My teeth feel slimy."


Leila said...

Oh yay! Congrats to him!

Michele T. said...

Yeah, freedom! That's funny about the slimy comment! Have fun with the retainer. Z.'s been wearing one for a long time now (in between braces #1 and braces #2) and I still have to check every single night that she has it on (usually not so I go in her room and shove it in her mouth while she sleeps.) But, at least she doesn't have to worry about sticky foods (for now, she goes back to see where she stands in December). Oh, and then there was the night I couldn't find it and I woke her and A. up and said no one was going back to sleep till we found it. Eventually A. found it, outside in a trash bag that was due to be picked up early that morning. Ay yi yi!!

besomom said...

I'm sure this one will end up in the trash. I'm glad he has more than a week to get used to it before school starts, but I'm sure it eventually will get tossed into the trash in the cafeteria at school.

I like your night time hunt-throught-the-trash story. Isn't life such an adventure?