Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ABCs: The ABC Bunny

This alphabet book tells the lively tale of a bunny who is woken with a start when an apple falls into his nest. The bunny dashes "elsewhere in a flash", and his adventures unfold in perfect rhythm and rhyme, keeping readers hopping right along until the end, when they find they, too, have been pulled into the story.

The black and white drawings have plenty of details to keep young children occupied, and the bunny himself is very expressive. We see him in a full range of emotion: peaceful, frightened, annoyed, curious, and happy.

I was won over to this story with the letters C, D, and E. I love the lively cadence, and if E stands for Elsewhere, you know this is not going to be a run-of-the-mill alphabet book.

The ABC Bunny was written and illustrated by Wanda Gag, copyright 1933. My edition
was published by University of Minnesota Press in 2004, and includes The ABC song, music by Wanda Gag's sister, Flavia Gag.

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