Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Halloween Fairy

I interrupt the ABC book blog to bring you this newly finished cross stitch project:
The Halloween Fairy, Kit #3 in the Fairy Holiday Collection by Mirabilia. I actually began this project last autumn, but when it became obvious she wouldn't be done in time for Halloween, I put her away to concentrate on other things. Fortunately, I remembered a few weeks ago that she was languishing in my project bag, so out she came for completion, and I placed the last stitch two days ago. As good timing would have it, my go-to framing store is having a 60% off sale this week, so I'll be sure to get her there before Saturday, and she should be back in plenty of time for this year's Halloween.
I sometimes feel apologetic for my love of cross stitch. I know it's not creative as other needlework endeavors can be, but for me, there is something so satisfying in filling all those squares with neat stitches in beautiful colors to complete a design that is pleasing to my eye. I have put off cross stitch for most of the last year to explore crochet, embroidery, quilting, and sewing small toys, and that all gives me much enjoyment, but cross stitch relaxes me and pleases me in a way that no other handwork does. I can melt right into a cross stitch project. Other projects require too much of my concentration to be fully relaxing for me.
I chose this design because my daughter is crazy about fairies. I like the air of mystery this fairy has with her mask, and the whimsical touch of her pumpkin bag. I also like that she is a Halloween design. One of the problems with loving cross stitch is that you quickly run out of room to display your finished projects, so I try to concentrate on seasonal designs and switch them out for the appropriate holiday. We'll have her up for October and November, but after Thanksgiving, she'll be put away, and next October when we get out the autumn decorations, we'll rediscover her and be delighted all over again.


Anonymous said...

I love that! I can SO see why you love cross stitch. Johnna

Kathy said...

I love cross stitch, but haven't done it in years. I have trouble with printed, and prefer counted. I'm trying to learn (simultaneously) to knit and crochet. Sometimes I want to just do something I already know how to do just so I don't feel inadequate. Perhaps it's time to look in my old cross stitch bin.

besomom said...

Thanks, Johnna!

Kathy, I only do counted cross stitch. When I was a child I did the printed ones, but there is so much more variety with counted.

I learned to knit years before I learned to crochet. I find crocheting so much easier. I think it would be hard to learn them simultaneously! If you are feeling frustrated, maybe you could concentrate on one for awhile.