Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's that witchy, pumpkiny, ghosty time of year again. I like cute Halloween decorations to celebrate the season, not the gory stuff that seems to be getting more and more popular. My daughter and I oh-so-innocently went into a party supply store the other day, looking for festive paper plates for her classroom, and thought we'd mistakenly stepped into a house of horrors. Yuck. My daughter is not very squeamish, but even she wanted to get out of there, pronto!

My kids and I made the above salt dough ghosts two years ago, following instructions from one of my favorite sources, Family Fun. We only made a half a batch of dough, and got 3 palm-sized ghosts out of it. Can you guess who made which ghost?

When I was a child I loved to make ghosts out of Kleenex. I'd wad one tissue up into a ball, place it in the center of an unfolded tissue, gather the open tissue around the ball, and secure it at the neck with a rubber band. It occurred to me last year that I could make ghosts out of fabric. Duh. Fabric ghosts don't shred like tissue ones do.
Cut a square of white fabric with pinking shears. Your square size depends on how big you want your ghost, but I think 6 inches would be about the smallest size that would make a proportionate ghost. The one in this picture is made with a 12 inch square. Wad some polyester fiber fill or wool stuffing into a small ball (size depends on how big you want the ghost's head to be), put the ball into the center of the fabric square, gather the square around the ball, and secure at the neck with white thread. If you want to hang your ghost, thread some monofilament or fishing line through the top of the head. Draw on eyes with a Sharpie or other permanent marker.

I know this seems like a really obvious craft, and I'm sure it's been done a million times, but trust me, it took 40 years for it to occur to me to make them this way, so there ya go. We now have pet ghosties hanging all over the house.

I think the Halloween goblins are already in full force around here, because last night my latest Netflix DVD went missing and I could not find it anywhere. It came in the mail yesterday, and all day I was looking forward to the moment when the kids would be tucked in and I could settle down for 45 minutes with my new show and a bit of needlework. Instead, I spent 45 futile minutes turning the house upside down looking for the DVD while my cup of tea went cold. How depressing! Today I thought about how I'd hauled out the Halloween decorations yesterday, so as a last desperate measure I went to the basement and took the box out again. Woo hoo, there was my DVD! I must have accidentally scooped it up with all the packing tissue yesterday. Either that or I've unleashed a boggart in the house.

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