Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Got our pumpkins

My daughter's school sells pumpkins every year as a fund raiser, so we always buy our pumpkins there. My ideal would be to drive out to a farm stand to pick out pumpkins (and maybe buy some cider and donuts while we're there!), but I like to support the school. At least it's easy and convenient to pull the pumpkins home in our wagon when we buy them from school.

We hope to carve jack-o-lanterns tonight. I'm going to save one of the small pumpkins to attempt making this for dinner on Halloween, although I will substitute brown rice for the wild rice because I'm afraid my daughter won't like the texture of wild rice (she's extremely picky about food textures, and "little bits" are a problem for her).

I baked another batch of candy corn cookies for my daughter's classroom and I plan to make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins today for her classroom. Her costume is mostly set. She is going to dress up as Hermione. We have a Hogwarts robe, so she just needs to decide what she'll wear underneath and we'll be good to go. Nice and simple, but I'm sure she'll manage to find a way to make a crisis situation for me anyway.

My son wanted to go as Gilligan, so we have everything for that, but yesterday he told me he wants to be Artemis Fowl instead. I said he might have to wait until next year for that! Sheesh.

I'm still not used to this middle school stuff. The teachers don't send notes home anymore, relying on the kids to tell the parents things we need to know. My son is not so good at relaying information. He did mention that they'll be having snacks in a couple of his classes on Friday. I asked him if we need to send in money or snack donations, and he said "I don't think so." So, who's paying for the food? It's just weird for me not to be sending stuff in when I know there will be a party. And at the same time, kind of nice!


Lynn said...

How do you manage to have a real meal on Halloween? They must have different times for trick or treating there. Here it is 4-6 they put off the tornado sirens when it is over. Everyone goes in to town. It is like one big party in town! When the weather is nice everyone just sits on their porch while people walk around. Not at all like I remember. When I was growing up we never started until after dark!!!!!!!!!

besomom said...

Sounds like your town is much more organized than mine. Tornado sirens? That's strict! We have official TOT hours from 6:00-8:00, but I'll answer the door until 8:30 It's just not TOT if you don't go after dark!

I am trying to pre-cook most of the meal today so that all I'll have to do tomorrow after school is stick it in the oven. The kids will probably be too excited to eat much.