Friday, October 17, 2008


No, not undecided about my vote. I am trying to get Christmas gifts planned so I can get started on them, but I am struggling this year in deciding what to make. I like to give handmade gifts because I enjoy the creating process so much. Usually by this time of year I am well under way, but I find myself spinning in circles this year, paralyzed by too many promising choices.

Should I make something inspired by ideas in these books? Or should I go with a Christmas theme and make ornaments out of this new Just Cross Stitch issue? There are some gorgeous designs in here, but I've done ornaments before... Or maybe I need to try some lacy crochet.
I did start one of the projects in this book, a little bowl crocheted in the round, but the base will not lay flat for me. I am having a hard time getting even tension with the little hook and the thin, slippery thread. I don't want to give ill-made gifts. Can I get the technique down quickly enough for this to be a realistic possibility for Christmas?

In addition to gifts for others, I like to make things for our household. Here's another alphabet sampler I have my eye on. I love the pointy-hat elf and the birds on either end.
I've also got this Christmas Elf Fairy started, but I don't know if I'll get her done in time.
I need to make a stocking for my husband, too. I have a crocheted stocking my aunt made for me when I was a child, and my children have stockings knit for them by another aunt of mine. My husband is the only one of us without a handmade stocking. Must fix that situation.
I also have a couple of these ornament kits in my craft cupboard. I've had them several years. I need to make a decision: stitch them, or donate the kits?
While I think and think and think some more about Christmas projects, I have kept my hands busy making things for the current season:

I have always wanted a toy candy corn!


Leila said...

I love the Christmas fairy... heck, I like most of these projects. Just too cool.

I need to finish the two stained glass projects on my table and start working on snowflakes...

Leila said...

Also... been meaning to ask: have you seen this site:

millie said...

Your acorns are very cute!

besomom said...

Thanks, Millie!

Leila, thanks to you, too. Those cross stitch projects at that site make my heart stop beating. Wow. They are gorgeous, but I think making something like that would do me in! I've tried projects that are more realistic-looking, but they are really hard for me to do. Maybe someday (although I should try one while my eyesight is still relatively good, because it's just going to get harder as I age!)

Lynn said...

I, too, am feeling very behind in my holiday creating.
I like the Christmas fairy!