Monday, October 6, 2008

Witches and Fairies

I'm on an embroidery roll these days. Annieoakleaves posted this cute witch drawing on flickr here. I printed it at 50% original size and traced it to make an embroidery transfer pattern. I plan to make a small wall hanging out of her.

Here is an embroidered fairy, drawn by my daughter, stitched by me. My daughter selected the thread colors for her dress, hair, and wings.

She wants me to use her as a square in a simple patchwork pillow for her bedroom. (update 10/24: the pillow is now done! click here to see it.) This fairy is one of my favorite things, ever! I think I will have to use this design to make some small ornaments, too. You can't have too many fairies flitting around your house!

Here is the original drawing.

The stitched image is reversed from the original drawing because I used tracing paper and an iron transfer pen to make the transfer, and when you iron the design onto your fabric, you get a mirror image.

My daughter reports that they are talking about fact vs. fantasy in school right now. She had a worksheet where she had to circle whether statements were fact or fantasy. One of the statements was "A fairy flew in through the window." This was a conundrum for my daughter. "I know they want me to think it's fantasy, mom, but I know fairies are real!" She circled fact.


Tricia said...

Well let's see: there's a fairy door in the library in her school, right? And do kids write notes to the fairy, like kids write letters to Santa? Seems like she has a strong case for marking "fact"! Miracle on 42nd Street and all that.

wife2abadge said...

Awww...I love the witch, the fairy, and your dd's comment!

Anonymous said...

Of course it's a fact! Right on, daughter! All the fairies are cheering for you.

The fairy picture makes an adorable embroidery. And you're right; you can't have too many fairies flitting around.

Allison and Tina