Thursday, November 6, 2008

dolly in a pocket

I've been working on a present for my baby niece. She'll be one in December, so this will either be for her birthday or for Christmas. I haven't decided yet.

The embroidery patterns are from Annie Oakleaves's eenies. She has free eenies patterns on flickr, and more eenies patterns for purchase in her etsy shop. I love the pointy hats and the mushroom houses. I instantly think fairytale.

I got the pocket pillow idea from Crafty Carnival.

Originally I thought I'd make little dolls out of both the eeny and the mushroom, but then I decided to incorporate the embroidered mushroom as a square on the pillow. I like how it turned out, especially with the mushroom fabric on the pocket. I love that mushroom fabric. I bought it in a weak moment while browsing Superbuzzy, and now I'm doling it out a little bit at a time, small project by small project.


bookwormbethie said...

OMG this is absolutely beautiful!

Lynn said...

That will be a very nice gift. I love the embroideries.