Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My daughter is learning about habitats in school. She had to make a shoebox diorama of her habitat at home, showing where she gets her food and drink, what she uses for shelter, and where she has space for living. She chose to make a diorama of her bedroom.

We still have paint cans with her bedroom colors, so she was able to paint her box the exact same color as her real bedroom. In real life only the walls of her bedroom are purple, not the floor and ceiling, too!

We went through some magazines and found a nightstand with a lamp and a bookshelf to add to her diorama. My daughter picked out a Polly Pocket to represent herself and made a bed out of a piece of wood and some fabric. She also made a little book for her little self to read, and found a Polly Pocket cat to add to the fun. She cut some pictures of food out of a magazine, and made a cupboard to store them in. I crocheted a small flower for a rug (she has a flower-shaped rug in her room). This is the kind of fun project that I could easily have taken right over, but it was her assignment and her work. I had fun watching her put the whole thing together. I was glad books were such a prominent part of her habitat!

Look out, little Polly Pocket. There's a giant peeking in your window.

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Anonymous said...

Oh it's beautiful, I remember making dioramas when I was a kid. I bet your daughter had fun making it! Love the purple too!