Monday, November 3, 2008


November is not my favorite month. I know lots of lovely people who were born in November, so please don't take my dislike of November personally. My feelings about this month are absolutely no reflection on you!

I don't like November because the brightness and crispness of October fade into coldness, dreariness, starkness, and darkness. The newness of the school year fades into routine. Skies are typically leaden. Evenings come too soon. Snow does not yet brighten the landscape. Winter is looming ahead.

I'm trying to find things to like about November. Thanksgiving, of course, is good. Beginning to prepare for Christmas is good. The rare sunny day in November, with its pale, watery blue sky is good. Being relieved of yard work, and not yet having to shovel snow, is good.

I will try to think of November like this tree I embroidered: bare, but with spots of brightness to see, if I pick up my head and look for them.

( Pattern by Clover)


Anonymous said...

I just commented on flickr about this!

I <3 Novemeber, it's my 2nd favorite month, 1st being September. September cuz that's when fall officially begins and November because that is when it starts to cool off and there's no turning back and of course for Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

This post echoes Thomas Hood:
"No fruit, no flowers, no leaves, no birds, November!"

But really, isn't there something to said about the month in which you have no weeds to pick and no leaves to mulch? November is the perfect excuse to settle in with a stack of books and a cup of hot tea. It begs for a family game in front of a blazing fireplace. And...Thankgiving!