Thursday, November 27, 2008


Whew, I got the turkey quilt done in time! It's more of a banner than a quilt, but I'm pleased nonetheless.

I didn't have time to even start the crocheted turkey. Maybe sometime this winter when my holiday crafting frenzy settles down I can take a crack at it.

My daughter made a couple of turkeys in school. This first one is a painted gourd. I think it looks more like a kiwi than a turkey! We have to keep it up high, otherwise the cats would make short work of those feathers.

This second one is a potato turkey. I'm not sure where her teacher got the turkey faces. My son made these back when he was in this teacher's class. He called his a "paturkey".

We are going to make the drive to spend Thanksgiving with my family. One thing I am thankful for is a mom who still likes to cook the meal and have everyone over!

I hope everyone reading this has much to be thankful for.

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Lynn said...

I love the quilt. That little gourd turkey is cute.