Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Traditions: Gingerbread House

We decorated our gingerbread house this weekend. The weather has been gloomy, with no end of clouds and dreariness in sight, so I don't think I'll get better photos than these, even if I wait a few days.

Gingerbread houses were not part of my childhood. Making them seemed to be something from the past that no one did any more. Then when I had children it suddenly seemed everyone was making gingerbread houses again. I wonder if the premade gingerbread kits available in stores had something to do with the resurgence? We made our first gingerbread house when my son was in kindergarten, 6 years ago.

We always make our house from a kit. The fun part of gingerbread houses is putting together the structure and decorating it. If I had to bake the pieces, I doubt we'd do a house every year.

We make just one house, and the children decorate it. I'd like to make my own, too, or have a whole gingerbread village, but we don't really have room to display more than one, so one it is. There was disagreement this year over what side of the house should be the front, so the house ended up with two fronts!

My contribution to the house was the mini marshmallow snowman.

Last year my son made a gingerbread house at school. He had pretzel sticks to use for decorating, so he made a split rail fence. He also made a sled out of mini candy canes and a waffle pretzel. We didn't have any pretzel sticks or mini candy canes at home this weekend, so no fence or sled this year, but I have a photo of last year's!


Lynn said...

I am impressed. My daughter and I decorated one from a kit this year too. I was wishing that my brother in law, the baker, were visiting. He has much more patience for food decorating.
(you might have noticed that you have not seen any photos of our house)

I like the pretzel fence and sled.

Wendy said...

I love it! That's a very good looking house. I'm wanting to do one this year. The kids done one in kindergarten with a milk carton, graham crackers and decorated their "houses". I'd like to tackle something bigger this year :)

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