Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Makin' stuff

I was on a click-happy journey through Flickr the other day and stumbled on a tutorial for making this mushroom pincushion. Love it! I dropped everything to make one. I tried not to make mine look exactly like hers, but what appealed to me most about hers was the rambling vines of flowers, so mine ended up looking very similar. Which is not a bad thing!

I plan to thread a ribbon through the top and use it as an ornament.

Here's a slightly angled view to show the window.
I bought some wooden snowmen figures from here last year, but never got around to doing anything with them until now. My daughter helped paint them. I bought a whole army of them, thinking they would be cute to give as little gifts to her friends or to my sisters, but my daughter thinks they're all so cute she doesn't want to give any away! I like the rosy cheeks she gave some of them.

In case anyone is wondering, these are the 2 and 7/8ths inches tall snowmen.
I know this post makes it seem like I'm getting things done, but really, I am not. I need to put all these things away and clean up my house and focus my attention, because lately I've been hopping from one project to the next, and I think I need to stop that for a while. I feel the need to pick one big project, like a big cross stitch project, and just focus on that and not worry about a million other little projects. Let's see if I can do that!


Anonymous said...

oh the mushroom ornament and painted snowman are lovely! i can totally see why your daughter wouldn't want to part with any of them!

Leila said...

The mushroom is so cute it's... well... cute! I love it!

Floridamom said...

They're so cute! I'm doing the opposite of you. I keep finding cute things to make but think, "first I need to..." I should just take some fun time for projects.

Tricia said...

I read something just the other day about "craft ADD" - and it mentioned a multi-craft magazine to go along with it. I doubt I'd be able to track it down again, though, because I suffer from blog reading ADD! :^o

wife2abadge said...

That pincushion is darling!