Sunday, December 21, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

Waking up to a snow day on Friday, sleeping in, and coming downstairs to find the kids outside shoveling. Unusual behavior! You'd think it was almost Christmas or something. My Christmas Patches Santa, which hangs on my living room wall year round. I stitched this one in 2002.

Love and Joy banner.

Ornaments that represent my family.

Vintage egg ornament. I don't know if my mom bought it at a school bazaar or if someone gave it to her, but it's older than I am. It's made out of a real hen's egg, and has survived many, many Christmases!

Another vintage ornament from my childhood. I have two of these, this one, and one in red. I used to talk to the elves when I was little.

Finding unexpected faces in unexpected places.

Watching the Christmas advent playscapes fill up every day.

And a not so favorite thing: disappointment. We were supposed to go have Christmas with my family today, but they are in blizzard conditions and the drive there would have been too dangerous. It is not snowing here, but we have temperatures in the single digits (Fahrenheit; well below zero Celsius) and wind gusts of 40 mph. The kids are trying to find things to do today. They were supposed to be at grandma's, eating too much food and getting presents! Instead they are home where it's too cold to go outside. My husband is teaching my daughter how to play solitaire, which is actually quite clever of him.


Tricia said...

One of the profs on our project was trying to drive home from Chicago, but got stuck near the border. You were wise not to travel! We were driving home from down south this afternoon and it was super windy, I could feel it buffeting the van.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I totally forget what it is like to live up North. I'm sorry your holiday plans got spoiled by the weather and I hope you can see your folks soon!