Friday, May 16, 2008

Dandelions and Toadstools

We are not lawn freaks. Our yard is a patchwork of grass, small areas of bare dirt, and lots and lots of dandelions. It was this way when we bought the house, and we are not inclined to fight it too much. We definitely don't use chemicals. Regular mowing in the spring beheads the dandelions, so we can keep things looking fairly kempt and green. Our yard doesn't look bad from across the street! Of course, we have to use a power mower for the beheading to work. My husband's mowing preference is to use our antique push-reel mower, but that only knocks the dandelions flat. They spring right back up again, completely undaunted, so he reluctantly uses a power mower most of the time.

Here is our antique mower:

I believe it is dated 1929. I wanted to get a nice photo of it amidst our dandelions, but it's way back in the corner of the garage, hemmed in by bikes and scooters and too many other things to move out of the way just for a photo shoot.

I made this little dandelion doll for my husband a few years ago, using a kit I bought through Magic Cabin Dolls. He appreciated the joke! My doll-making skills are hit-and-miss, but I had good luck with this one.

Here is my less-than-lucky attempt at making a toadstool, following Lucykate's tutorial:
She set up a toadstool swap, and I was sorely tempted to join, but after my practice toadstool I chickened out. I have some ideas for how to improve my next toadstool, and if I get a chance to try again, I'll be sure to share results. (I do like the fabric I used for the stem with this one! It makes me smile just to look at it.)