Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Uh oh

The painting is not going well. I think I've made a terrible mistake.

I like the color on the wall. I like the new molding. I like the white ceiling. What I do not like is the way they are all coming together. Specifically, I do not like how the wall color looks next to white.

What do I do with that molding? If I paint it the color of the wall (which would be easiest), it looks awful against the flat white of the ceiling. If I paint the molding a glossy white, I have the same problem of white clashing with the color. (see both examples in the photo above: glossy white to the left, wall color to the right)

I should have stained the molding. All the other trim in the room is stained. But it's too late, because it's already been primed for painting.

To put it politely: drat!

I need to come up with a trim color. Sherwin Williams suggests Twilight Gray or Library Pewter as accent and trim colors with this wall color. That wouldn't really work with my furniture. Maybe I need to paint it a shade darker than the walls? But then I still have that problem with how it looks against white.


Or maybe I need to paint the ceiling a color other than white.


That's how it's going here...