Friday, October 17, 2008


No, not undecided about my vote. I am trying to get Christmas gifts planned so I can get started on them, but I am struggling this year in deciding what to make. I like to give handmade gifts because I enjoy the creating process so much. Usually by this time of year I am well under way, but I find myself spinning in circles this year, paralyzed by too many promising choices.

Should I make something inspired by ideas in these books? Or should I go with a Christmas theme and make ornaments out of this new Just Cross Stitch issue? There are some gorgeous designs in here, but I've done ornaments before... Or maybe I need to try some lacy crochet.
I did start one of the projects in this book, a little bowl crocheted in the round, but the base will not lay flat for me. I am having a hard time getting even tension with the little hook and the thin, slippery thread. I don't want to give ill-made gifts. Can I get the technique down quickly enough for this to be a realistic possibility for Christmas?

In addition to gifts for others, I like to make things for our household. Here's another alphabet sampler I have my eye on. I love the pointy-hat elf and the birds on either end.
I've also got this Christmas Elf Fairy started, but I don't know if I'll get her done in time.
I need to make a stocking for my husband, too. I have a crocheted stocking my aunt made for me when I was a child, and my children have stockings knit for them by another aunt of mine. My husband is the only one of us without a handmade stocking. Must fix that situation.
I also have a couple of these ornament kits in my craft cupboard. I've had them several years. I need to make a decision: stitch them, or donate the kits?
While I think and think and think some more about Christmas projects, I have kept my hands busy making things for the current season:

I have always wanted a toy candy corn!