Friday, October 31, 2008

This is Halloween

We carved our pumpkins on Wednesday night. My children were disgusted that I went for a traditional look with my pumpkin. My son dismissed it as "boring and unimaginative." Humph. In years past I have carved more elaborate designs. This year I was in a get-it-done-quick mood!

Here are the children's designs, son's on the top, daughter's on the bottom. (I did a cat face last year on my pumpkin, but my daughter refuses to give me credit for her inspiration this year!)

Last night at 8:00 p.m. my son informed me that he should bring Halloween treats to school if possible. Thank you for all the forewarning, son! I was going to tell him sorry, no can do, but then I counted the candy corn cookies and realized I had enough for both children to take to school if I divided the batch in half. So divide them I did, and I put the container of carefully counted cookies in his backpack. I was eager for his report after school today. Did the kids like the cookies? Were they a hit? "Oh, oops, I forgot to take them out of my backpack." ARGH!!!! That kid! At least the cookies survived their trip to school and back. Not a single one was broken.
My daughter dressed up as Hermione. Last night before bed I put her hair in 10 little braids all over her head, and today she had Hermione hair!
Weeks and weeks ago my son declared he wanted to be Gilligan for Halloween, but two days ago he changed his mind and said he wanted to be Artemis Fowl instead. Since I'd already put a Gilligan costume together for him, I told him he was on his own. He rummaged around in his closet and managed to pull something together. I doubt anyone knew who he was, but he was happy with his look, and I was impressed he did it all by himself.
We had a first this year: my son went trick-or-treating with two friends, unaccompanied by an adult. It was weird, but at the same time, it seemed right. They waited until it was almost dark to set out. As they were leaving, I reminded them of the rules:
Look both ways, twice, before crossing the street.
Don't get in anyone's car.
Don't go in anyone's house.
And don't take any candy from strangers!
They didn't get my joke with that last one.

Both kids came home, happy with their haul. My son brought home a lot less candy than I expected, but he said they quit when they thought they had a reasonable amount. They figured there was no reason to collect more candy than they want to eat. I really like these boys.
My son hates these:

He gives them all to me. I'll eat one, my once-a-year peanut butter cup, and the rest, along with all of our other candy leftovers, will go to my husband's office on Monday for the receptionist's candy jar.