Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I didn't have to wait in line

My kids had the day off from school today, so I took them with me to watch me vote. They have seen me vote in local elections before, but never a presidential one. Voting for your country's leader is a significant part of being an American, and I wanted my kids to be involved. I decided last week that we'd head for the polls mid-afternoon, hoping that we'd get a lull between the lunch rush and the off-from-work-early rush.

My neighbors reported a 90 minute wait this morning, so I packed a book and told the kids to be prepared. In 2004, I remember standing in line for quite a long time. Imagine my surprise when we got to the school and there was no line at all! There was just one person in front of me. Where the heck was everyone? I'd be worried that turn-out is bad, but the poll workers assured me that the place had been jam-packed up until about noon. I guess my calculations on the best time to vote were extremely accurate!

To everyone who got out to vote today, especially if you were one of the ones who waited in a long line, thanks for doing your part.

And in a sea of serious campaign signs, this one just cracked me up: