Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabric Window Valentines

Valentines are my favorite things to make. I really love the heart motif, and what's not to like about letting people know they are special to you? Instructions for making these can be found here.

My daughter is half-way through making valentines for her classmates. She got the ones for the girls done, but now is procrastinating making the ones for the boys. Boys annoy her, so she is lacking motivation to get the job done. I'll share her valentines when she has them all finished. The ones for the girls turned out cute.


millie said...

Tracy, it's me, Lynn's sister, Millie. My daughter (who is D's age) and I just read Paper Towns. We are in a mother/daughter book club that we have been in together since she was in fourth grade. That line you posted from the book (as a comment on Lynn's Sunday post) reminded me of Coal Miner's Daughter, one of my all time favorite movies. Loretta (Sissy Spacek) says, " I feel like I can't breathe." Doo, who has just given her a particularly fast and dangerous jeep ride replies, "Aw, shucks, Loretta, that's how you're supposed to feel when you're in love."

besomom said...

Hi Millie! A mother/daughter book club sounds fabulous. How did you guys like Paper Towns?

I've never seen Coal Miner's Daughter. I would probably like it.

Tricia said...

Your daughter is making those? Impressive! You have taught her well! (The Pickles comic strip a week or two ago had a needlecraft-teaching theme that I meant to point you towards.) How easy is it to stitch through paper? That's what always throws me off.

(And those stinky boys? Just give 'em leftover store bought valentines from last year. Oh wait, you guys don't have store bought valentines. Never mind!)

millie said...


We haven't had a book club meeting on Paper Towns yet, but my daughter and I both liked it. She liked Looking for Alaska too. How old is your daughter? I would recommend starting a book club. Our girls will be seniors in high school next year and we will be sad to have our final year as a book club. We started all those years ago (fourth grade for the daughters) and read Star Girl. That was a good book to start with because it deals with being different and fitting in, etc. We let the girls choose the books and just rotate through the members. Sometimes we meet at restaurants, sometimes at the library, but usually in the home of the host. It is neat to see what each girl and mother team will do. My daughter once chose Little Women (which all the moms loved) and we met at a tea house. When we read Coraline, the host mom fixed the meal for us that the "fake" mom makes in the book. Lots of fun stuff and happy times.

besomom said...

I realized that my posting on this was confusing after I posted it. My daughter didn't stitch these valentines. I did. She was working on something different, which I have yet to photograph, involving construction paper, glue, and dum dum suckers. My daughter has no interest in stitching anything. She thinks it looks boring. Maybe someday she'll come to her senses!

Tricia, when I stitch on paper I usually punch the holes with the needle first, then stitch with the needle and thread. It's easier for me this way.