Monday, January 26, 2009


My son had the day off from school today. My daughter's school was in session as usual, so it was just my son and me at home today. It is very unusual to have just one kid home with me, unless one of them is sick, but being home on a day off is a whole different kind of day than a sick day. My son was in high spirits this morning! Being the homebody he is, he was more than happy to just hang out at home all day.

I asked if he wanted to play a game, and he was (ahem) all game! My suggestion of Boggle earned a scoff. "It's my day off, Mom. Nothing educational." (Not that Boggle is educational, but there is spelling involved, so I saw his point.) I told him to go pick out something then, and he came back with the completely uneducational but oh-so-fun Jumping Pixies. (Well, techincally this game is educational for a preschooler learning his/her colors, or counting, or simple addition, but my son is in the sixth grade, and he knows all that stuff by now.) The object of the game is to catapult your pixies into the holes in the playing board. You earn more points if the hole color matches the pixie color. This game cracks us up! We get such a kick out of having smiling little pixie heads sailing all over the room. It kind of reminds me of the Mr. Mouth game, which my grandma had at her house for us. (Gee, is Mr. Mouth really that expensive? I'll bet you could buy it cheaper at the store than at Amazon.)

We also played a rousing game of Hyper Dash (which also seems way overpriced at that link. I know I paid less than $10 for it last summer, and it wasn't on sale!). We set it up in the living room, and dashed around like crazy people. Whenever I do something like that in front of a window, I wonder if anyone outside can see me, and if they can see me, if they think I've lost my mind. I was very pleased that my dashing was faster than my son's in half of the rounds. See, mom's not so old!

A fun day for both of us.

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Tricia said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a cold day home from school!

My husband was taken aback that your son's school was closed - "I think something must have happened over at Nearby Jr High, it looks closed" he said, after returning from dropping our guys at school. Then i remembered that one of those "teacher-tap-a-keg days" (my co-worker's term for report writing days) was coming up, and the mystery was solved.