Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh, the horror

Stefani over at Blue Yonder started a new Flickr group, In Real Life, so we can all stop pretending we are perfect and showcase what really goes on behind the scenes. Well, I never claimed to be perfect, and I doubt I have a devoted readership who love me for my style, taste, and beauty, but I will confess right now that I am less than tidy, and I often (make that always) am shoving a pile of papers and other clutter out of the way so they don't show up in the background of photos I take to post on Flickr and this blog.

Here is the horror in my life: The Basement Office. Are you ready for this? Man, I can't believe I'm going to show this to you. Here it goes:

Isn't it terrifying? Always present on my to-do list is to clean out this space, re-organize it, and make it work for me. The shelves were put in by a previous owner. I will keep those, but I really want to rip that whole desk-top thing out and put in a more user-friendly work space.
I am hopeful these will soon be "before" photos, and not be the "as is" photos.

Showing this off for the whole world to see is my motivation to finally get to work on cleaning it out.
I have seen that show Clean House, where a family is literally drowning in clutter, and the TV people come in and make them sell everything in a yard sale and then redesign the space. Any time I've seen that show, I squirm a little bit, because I am fully aware those families live in California and don't have basements. If I didn't have a basement, I fear for what my living space would like.

I will also post these photos in Flickr with notes so I can identify all the clutter. I'm sure you're all fascinated! See you In Real Life!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I can relate. It's okay, once you get going it will get done quicker than you think!

Lynn said...

I have found myself only posting super close up shots on my blog. To avoid the mess in the background. I joined Stefanie's group too and posted a photo of my sewing room yesterday. I, too, was having in mind that it would be a "before" shot.

Good luck.