Monday, January 19, 2009

The Snowflake Garland

I've slowly been working on the snowflake garland to hang over the mantle in my family room, and now it is finally finished! I did this in bits and pieces. First I had to crochet the snowflakes, which I did here and there when I had time. Then I had to dunk them in fabric stiffener and pin them to a corkboard to dry in the proper shape. This had to be done in several shifts because my board was too small to fit them all at once. Then finally I had to arrange them and tie them to a garland. All told this project took a couple of weeks from start to finish.
These snowflakes are crocheted with yarn I had left over from this little jacket I had just enough yarn to make exactly the number of snowflakes I wanted to make! How lucky was that?
I found the patterns for both snowflakes here. Because these were crocheted with yarn, they were so much easier for me to make than the thread snowflakes I showed off in an earlier post. The snowflake above is about 5 inches across, and the one below about 4 inches.

Perfect for my garland!


Lynn said...

I love snowflakes too. I made a bunch of these crochet snowflakes one year. I must have given them all away as I don't have any for my tree. I like them on the garland. Good job.

Ryan said...

lovely, I've been meaning to make a garland of them myself but never seem to have time in the rush to get all my Christmas gifts finished