Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunny and Bright

I love a sunny January day. With new snow, everything looks so crisp and clean. We don't get much sun around here in the winter, so it's such a treat when it does shine. The only problem is, that glow coming in through the windows highlights every dust bunny and grubby spot in the house. I guess I know how I'll spend the rest of my free time today.

Temperatures are very cold today. It was -3 F when my son had to leave for school this morning. I drove him to the bus stop. We were on the road right at that moment before the sun comes up, when the sky is the deepest blue, almost still black, and the snow is so glittery it almost looks unreal. By the time I got home, the colors were already changing. I love how light alters the landscape throughout the day.

The good thing about these frigid temperatures for the next few days is that it makes our Sunday forecast of 23 F sound positively balmy!

(I save my paperwhites to enjoy in January. Christmas is festive enough with the tree and lights. I need the flowers more now when the festivities are over and winter really takes its grip. The only thing is, I dislike the smell of paperwhites. My kids have been complaining about it, too. Note to self: try a different flower next January.)


Tricia said...

My MIL gave me two containers from tulips from Plow & Hearth. They look nice, although they're to the bedraggled stage now. (They arrived in early to mid December.)

besomom said...

I bought some tulips when I bought the paperwhites. I'm saving those until after Valentine's day so that they will bloom in early March. That's when I'll really be wanting spring to hurry up already.