Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lame blog

I haven't been posting much lately, which frustrates me a bit because I would like to have a friendly, happy place for people to visit. Short posts that come few and far between don't make for a very enticing blog. I've been dealing with a health issue for the past few weeks, though. I've been uncomfortable and often in pain, and now as it turns out, I need surgery to make it better, which I found out today has been scheduled for Thursday! As in, two days from now! This gives me little time to prepare, but I am determined to get my linen, floss, needles, hooks, and yarn in order, as well as my stack of books and my Netflix queue to keep me busy while I recuperate. I can't rely on my husband to know what I need. I can see me trying to tell him what supplies I need: "No dear, not the knitting needles. The crochet hooks. What do you mean, what's the difference?"

Needless to say, I haven't tackled that basement of mine yet (and I am horrified to see that those three photos of my basement I posted on Flickr are in the top 6 of most viewed photos in my photostream. Why? Why?) Maybe in March, when I am hopefully feeling better.

I'm supposed to be home by Thursday night (even though I'll be having general anesthesia--they don't keep you for anything these days), but I have no idea how I'll be feeling. Chances are my convalescence won't be blog-worthy.

I leave you with heart-happy valentine photos, most of which I took last year, with the exception of the felted hearts. I started experimenting with felting crochet before I started feeling sick, but didn't get very far with them.

Hope to be back in this space soon. Meanwhile, I will continue to visit your blogs to brighten my days!


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear you have been in such discomfort but I am glad you are having prompt surgery to fix it.

I love those heart jelly looking things on your window. So cheerful with the snow outside!

And sadly, now you have tempted me to find your photostream next time I log on to flickr to see what all this hubbub about the basement is. Aren't basements supposed to be cluttered and spooky?!

Glenda said...

Your blog *is* a friendly and happy place, otherwise I wouldn't have it on my google reader ;-).

I hope your day surgery goes well and takes care of the pain you've been experiencing. And I wish you a speedy recuperation =).

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry you've been dealing with this, and I have to say that you do have a friendly cheerful place here, no matter how frequently you post. More is good, but if posting frequency dips... don't sweat it, we'll keep checking!
Leila. (still boycotting google)

Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery!

Lots of hearts to you.


Casey said...

The top cross-stitch is adorable! where did you get the pattern?

I hope your surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery!

Michele T. said...

I agree with Leila, I love coming to your blog (and Leila's too) no matter what the frequency of posting is. God knows I am guilty of infrequent posting myself these days.

Thinking of you today, hopefully you are home and resting/sleeping in your own bed by now.

millie said...

Take care! Feel better.

CalvaryGirl said...

Your cross stitching is beautiful. I don't think I've ever been able to even finish something! I'm so sorry to hear you're needing surgery, I hope it went well today. (((hugs)))

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Anne said...

This is a friendly happy place. I hope everything went well and you are on the road to feeling better.