Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Festivities

My daughter's 9th birthday is this Friday, and on her wish-list was a trip to Build-a-Bear. She's been there before (probably too many times), but I'm glad she still likes to do these things. Too many little girls become too old too fast, so as long as my daughter wants to go make a stuffed animal, even if it's at the mall, I'm all over it.

After you pick out your animal "carcass" (as my daughter and I jokingly call them), you take it to the stuffing machine. I can't tell if that pedal they have the children step on actually operates the blower, but it's cute either way.

Next you go through the little ceremony of picking out a heart, kissing it so your bear has love, rubbing it on your tummy so the bear is never hungry, rubbing it on your head so your bear is smart, etc, and then you put the heart into the bear just before the bear is sewn closed. My kids have always noticed that the heart gets stuffed into the bear's back, thereby making it anatomically incorrect, but again, it's cute either way.

Next the bear gets a fluffing at the air bath.

And since it was a birthday treat, I let my daughter pick out an outfit for the bear, plus a few accessories. Now we have a stylin' new friend in the house.
Meet Posie (named by my daughter):

Posie! How cute a name is that for a pink bear covered in flowers? I have a distaste for many things corporate, but I do love Build-a-Bear. (Note the overuse of the word "cute" in this post. There's something about Build-a-Bear. The only word you can use when discussing it is "cute".)

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