Thursday, March 26, 2009


All of these clothes fit my daughter just a few months ago. Now she can barely squeeze into them! Warmer weather is coming, and she has absolutely nothing to wear.


Anonymous said...

do you usually donate your children's clothes that don't fit? or do you hang on to any special pieces in hopes of making a quilt someday?

besomom said...

We donate all of the outgrown clothing. I have one tub full of favorite baby/toddler clothes that I can't bear to part with, and I can't even imagine cutting them up to make a quilt. I'm not sure what I am keeping them for. I guess I picture myself being an empty-nester, opening up the box, and weeping over how fast time goes.

For my daughter's clothes now we have one younger niece and one friend who get the really special or favorite pieces, and the rest go to an outreach center where my mom volunteers. My son is at the age now where we don't bother handing down the outgrown clothes to my nephews, so everything of his goes straight to outreach. I like this outreach because the people who need it get everything for free.