Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Teaser

It is 65 degrees F and sunny here today. What a gift! This weather won't remain, and I'm sure it will snow again before it warms up for real, but I will enjoy it while we have it. I went outside at high noon in short sleeves and cut back some perennials and the ornamental grass, hoping that I wouldn't find any spiders lurking in the plants. No spiders! I found a ladybug instead.

I planted some bulbs last fall, and they are starting to poke through. I have absolutely no memory of what I planted, so I'm in for some nice surprises.

I don't have any green clothing to wear today for St. Patrick's Day, but I did find these socks in my drawer. I don't need Smartwool today, so I dug a little deeper in the drawer. I wonder when I bought these? Aren't they fun?

Spring can actually be a difficult time of year for me. I struggle a little bit with depression when we move from winter to spring. I think that's caused by a combination of things. Spring is an ending in the academic year, so I might still be tuned into that. The change in time is also difficult for me, spring and fall. There's also this expectation that because it's sunnier and the days are longer and good weather is returning that we should be happy and productive. I don't have an excuse anymore to cozy up inside and eat cookies! I find myself craving really light-hearted reading to boost my mood. Really light-hearted reading. I tried to read The Friday Night Knitting Club, and I was enjoying it. The setting was cozy, the characters were interesting, the situation with the woman's ex reappearing and wanting to be part of her life again was intriguing, but (spoilers ahead) I sensed impending doom. I just knew something horrible was going to happen. So, I skipped ahead. Yes, sure enough, the main character is diagnosed with ovarian cancer and DIES. This book was not heading down a path I wanted to go, so I took it back to the library. I do not need to read about depressing things like that. I just don't. There is enough doom and gloom and cancer and tragic death in my real life. My recent surgery was because of an ovarian cyst, which was benign, but still. So I took the book back and got a Sophie Kinsella book instead. I wanted to get the first Shopaholic book, but there are 40 holds on it at my library! Forty! The book came out 8 years ago! I guess people are thinking about it again because of the movie, but really, is this kind of movie where you have to read the book first just so that you can say "Oh, the book was so much better?" I put my name on the wait list, but by the time it gets to me, my spring funk will have passed. Oh, well.


Shari said...

i just wanted to say a quick hi. i've enjoyed browsing your blog. i found you by way of the rainbow week of color from lil red hen. i've bookmarked you, and look forward to checking up on your posts. :)

Kathy said...

Have you read Remember Me, by Sophie Kinsella? It's not as fun as the Shopaholic books, but it's light reading.

Anonymous said...

if you haven't read 'can't wait to get to heaven' by fannie flagg (I think that is the title) it is a wonderful book, not super light reading, but wonderful none the less!