Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week of Color: Purple

The first thing I ever crocheted. A purse for my daughter. I made this two years ago.
Another of my early crochet projects. Seeing things like this on Flickr were what finally drove me to learn how to crochet.
My bunch-o-grapes teapot.

Ah, and you thought you'd escape without another conservatory photo. That's why I saved it for last!


Anonymous said...

How many teapots do you have?! We need a "teapot" series!

Very cool purples, and because blogspot hacked on my comment on "blue", those were great too, I loved the watercolour of the kids.

besomom said...

I have about 10 teapots. My dining room has a continuous shelf 12 inches below the ceiling along three of the four walls, and I decided to put teapots up there. You can see a bit more in this photo

I stopped collecting teapots when one wall was full. I have other things on the other shelves: baskets, antique bowls, a glass cookie jar, little crocks. I would photograph it all, but I'd have to dust it first!

besomom said...

Oh, and thank you for your kind comments!