Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week of Color: Rainbow II

Whew, eight blog posts in eight days. That's been a bit of work! It's also been a lot of fun. Thanks to Lynn at The Little Red Hen for the Color Week idea, and for letting me play along! I've loved looking at all the colorful pictures on various blogs and in the Color Week Flickr group. It's made spring seem right around the corner. We saw this rainbow last summer as we crossed a bridge from Vermont into New York.
This colorful building is in Montreal. My sister had a doll house from the late 1960s that looked a lot like this building, all colored plastic and modular. Groovy.

My daughter drew this fish in art class.

My son drew this fish in art class.

A crochet afghan I am not quite finished with yet. It would be a good take-along project if it weren't getting so big!

My final conservatory picture for color week! Thanks for looking.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos, that mod colored doll house must have been awesome!