Monday, March 2, 2009

Week of Color: Red

We had our kitchen remodeled a few years ago. My former kitchen was original to our 1948 house, with some unfortunate "decorative accents" added in the 1970s. I actually didn't mind how most of it looked, but everything in the room was falling apart, and the whole space was completely inadequate. There were no quick fixes. We needed a complete overhaul. When our new kitchen was finished, it looked so serious to me. Gone were my grout less tile counter tops and faux brick back splash, replaced with shiny granite and tile and stainless steel. I felt like I didn't belong in this sleek new space. I felt a bit intimidated by it! I had to do something that made me feel at home.

Enter the chickens.

I had seen this chicken wall art hanging in a gallery in town, and every time I saw it, I laughed. When my kitchen needed toning down, I knew just where to go. No kitchen can be taken too seriously if it features chickens driving a red pick-up truck! I believe this particular piece is called "Pick-up Chicks", and is handmade by a woman in the state of Georgia.

Another spot of red in my kitchen is this apple canister.

It is part of a canister set my mom bought for my grandma back in the 60s or 70s. My grandma loved to cook. That was what she did. She took great pride in her meals and her desserts. Her kitchen was big, with yellow formica counter tops, red carpeting, a fruit-themed clock, and wallpaper dotted with kitchen motifs. Her canister set perched on the yellow counter, in order from big to small. I don't remember if she used any of them for their intended purpose of storing flour and sugar. I do remember at least one of them held a bunch of recipes clipped from the newspaper. When she died, none of us wanted the complete canister set, but my mom and my sisters and I each took one. It's nice to think that we all have a part of grandma's kitchen in our own. I keep tea bags in my canister. I think my mom's is stuffed with recipes.

I'm torn now about this post. It seems like I should end it now after discussing two red things from my kitchen and keep the theme neat and tidy. However, I can't let Red Day go by without sharing this gorgeous door I spotted in Montreal last summer.

Wouldn't that be fabulous to come home to every day?

And since I've already disrupted the nice flow of kitchen chat with that door, I might as well share some more red. These photos were taken at a local conservatory. We had a great time there on Sunday, and you'll be seeing more pictures and hearing more stories from that visit as the Week of Color goes on.


Taiya said...

I absolutely adore the Pick up Chicks! What a fantastic whimsical piece to spruce up your kitchen!

Dawn said...

Hey! I received one of those apple canisters for a wedding gift back in 1972!
Now...where is that thing???

Nice red post!

Anonymous said...

Chicks! Love!

Lynn said...

The Pick Up Chicks are great.

Judy said...

I love the red door.

Anonymous said...

Oh those chicks are so cute!! One of my favourite colours is red, so I am quite enjoying all of the red showing up on my blogroll today. :D

Oh, did you know that a red door is good in Feng Shui?