Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Kitchen

We colored Easter eggs on Saturday. Even though there are all kinds of cool decorating methods out there (check out my friend Lynn's eggs), I just buy the $1.99 Paas kit at the drugstore. My husband always skedaddles during this activity because he cannot stand the smell of vinegar.

We had a near-disaster with the dye today. Usually I put the cups on the dining room table and we pour the vinegar and water there, but today I thought I'd save myself the steps of walking back and forth to the kitchen to fetch more water, so I lined all the cups up on the kitchen counter to fill. My daughter, ever eager to help, wanted to pour in the vinegar. I am always torn about the "help". I want her to be involved, but I hate the ensuing mess. I can't turn her away, though, so there she was, pouring the vinegar, when whoops, there goes the cup of green dye, all over the counter, down the front of the (light maple) cupboards, and puddling on the (light colored) tile floor. It hadn't been diluted with water yet, so it was heavy and green and giving me a heart attack. I was yelling and screaming and, yes, swearing, not at her, just yelling and screaming and swearing in general, and feeling bad about it, because hey, this was supposed to be a lovely EASTER activity with my kids to make fond happy memories, but instead there I was having a conniption. My husband fortunately hadn't vacated the premises yet, so he came to help me mop it all up, and was smart enough not to make gagging noises over the vinegar smell. The dye got all over my shirt as it dripped off the counter while I was on my hands and knees with a toothbrush and bleach trying to save the grout. My son was laughing hysterically, which was not helping at all, while my daughter stood there with green dye dripping off her fingers, watching us and saying "Why did you do this in the kitchen instead of in the dining room? We always do this in the dining room!" Man, that was an unpleasant fifteen minutes!!

After that got all cleaned up, I calmed down, so we proceeded with the activities as planned. Now we have almost three dozen colored eggs in the refrigerator. We will be heartily sick of egg salad by the end of the week, for sure.
I also made hot cross buns on Friday.
I use the recipe in Betty Crocker's Best Bread Machine Cookbook, and they turn out perfect every time. So yummy! I only make them once a year, which makes them an extra-special treat.

That is the only recipe I use from that cookbook, not because the other recipes aren't tempting, but because I fall into a rut with my cooking and baking. When I got the cookbook out on Friday, I leafed through the pages and wondered why I haven't made anything else from it. I think the problem is that my kids have their favorite bread recipe, the Graham Bread from Beth Hensperger's The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook, so that is the bread I make several times a week, and really, how much bread do we need? I feel like I need to branch out a bit, though, especially since I have all these nice cookbooks. I need to have my husband and kids go through a couple of my cookbooks and pick out two or three recipes each that sound good to them, something we've never had before. That could be fun for all of us. I'll be sure to cook it all up when I'm home alone so that I don't have any "help" in the kitchen!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!!

Haha, oh dear, that sounds like an ordeal! I tend to react the same way though so don't feel too bad about it. "Help" is sometimes a necessary evil! Haha. Your daughter will relish and remember fondly each and every experience helping you in the kitchen and elsewhere, and that is the main thing! :D

The eggs look great!

wife2abadge said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who envisions a lovely family activity and ends up yelling....