Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ahh, spring

Spring is well and truly here. Ahhhh. The neighborhood is bursting with pinks and whites and soft greens. The morning walk to school is so pleasant. The wind doesn't bite, the sidewalks aren't slippery. Hooray.

I took my camera on the walk this morning. The light is more favorable as we walk to school because the sun is behind us, but we never leave early enough for me to stop and snap photos on the way there. After I drop my daughter off, I walk back home into the sun, which makes the colors change. Things look harsher, less soft. I take moments to turn around and walk backwards, just to see things all soft and pretty again.

Back in November I blogged about the Mt. Airy Fothergilla under my front window, admiring their fiery autumn beauty. Here they are flowering in spring. I love these shrubs! So happy to have them.

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Anne said...

I love your shrub - o.k. that sounds weird, but I do.