Friday, May 22, 2009

More Paper Cutting

This paper cutting thing could be addictive. It takes so little time to make something pretty, I almost feel like I'm cheating! I traced a couple of applique designs onto patterned paper, cut along the lines, sprayed some glue on the back, stuck them to blank cards, and voila! Finished. (This is actually probably more of an applique-with-paper craft than it is traditional paper cutting with all its fancy curlicues and mirror images, but I'm being generous with the definition for my own purposes here.)

I made these as thank you cards for my daughter's science coaches. They are two moms who volunteer their time to help our students enter the science competition. Their creativity and enthusiasm have really inspired my daughter's love of rocks. My daughter painted two rocks to give to them, but she wouldn't let me photograph those to share here. Any time I post anything about my son or daughter, I ask their permission first. Sometimes they say yes, but a lot of times they say no. I hate it when they say no!


Glenda said...

Those are so pretty! I especially love the rabbit.

That's cool that you ask your kids' permission first, and then respect their "no" :).

Anonymous said...

Wow! Pretty paper things.

I agree with Glenda. Cool that you ask, and that you respect the "no" if it comes. Personally, for art and the like, I adopt the "don't ask don't tell" mantra.

Anonymous said...

I love that you use patterned paper on top of solid colour. I think the rabbit is my favourite of these two but the bird is so sweet! I agree, papercutting is definitely addictive, haha. I finished that silhouette papercut of my son (have yet to post it!) and now am cutting one of myself and my brother to add to the set for Mom. I found a bunch of free templates too and I'm excited to try them!

Here is the link to the templates if you haven't already seen it:

besomom said...

Thanks for that link, Bunny! I have been trying to find a site just like that, but wasn't having much luck. Perfect! I love the Mother's Day designs.

JD said...

The cards are so nice...I'm always looking for new ideas for cards (can you tell that I am addicted to cardmaking? smile)