Monday, May 11, 2009

My new iPhone

Happy Mother's Day a day late to all you fabulous moms out there. You know who you are :)

My daughter made me flowers out of dryer sheets, twisted together with pipe cleaner stems and dipped in paint for color. This was her teacher's idea. I love it when teachers are moms, too. They always make sure the kids bring something home for Mother's Day. The flowers are so cute, but gah, the smell is overwhelming. I feel like I'm being poisoned! I have had to place them in a plastic bag and put them in a remote part of the house.

Most years I don't want anything for Mother's Day other than handmade cards and a little handmade something or other, but this year I thought I'd ask for an iPhone. I'm completely seduced by that little gadget, and know I would have so much fun playing with one. Realistically I know it's not something I need, and I also knew there was no way my husband would be on board with something so expensive, so my asking for one was a bit of a joke. I also thought it was good for the kids to know that even moms and dads want things they just aren't going to get.

I dropped hints about an iPhone for weeks, and the little kid in me started to think "Wow, what if I really DO get an iPhone for Mother's Day? Wouldn't that be so awesome?" I was actually kind of excited about it! And to my surprise, my family did not disappoint!

Behold my new "eye" phone!
My husband picked up this old phone at a thrift store, and he and the kids had a ball decorating it with googly and hand drawn eyes. They think they are so clever!

My daughter's been calling her friends, telling them "I'm calling you on my mom's new eye phone!" I think this eye phone is way cooler than an iPhone.


Taiya said...

What a creative idea! I love your "eye" phone!

Glenda said...

That's freakin' FUNNY!!! What great senses of humor you all have :).

Tricia said...

what do you mean, "think"? They ARE clever! (but don't let it get to their heads, okay? :^)

Lynn said...


Kathy said...

How funny! Didn't they recently "get" you on April Fool's Day? They must trust that you'll appreciate their sense of humor. That in itself is a pretty cool Mother's Day gift.