Thursday, June 18, 2009

Artist to Artist

I saw this book at the library and had to bring it home. What a delight! Twenty-three illustrators of children's books share, on a child's level, how they became artists, and give a little advice to children on how they can follow their own artistic dreams. Each illustrator has a two-page foldout spread with pictures of their studios, some representative work, and a self portrait.

Here is Quentin Blake's self portrait. He's a favorite of mine.

Here is Jane Dyer's studio. Covet! Jane Dyer's illustrations are so cozy and warm and inviting. I could just crawl right inside. Her real space looks just as cozy and warm and inviting as her illustrations.

Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart share the last page with this pop-up self portrait. Cool. If you have never seen Robert Sabuda's books, don't wait another day. His pop-up engineering is incredible.

If you are an artist, or your child is an artist, or even if you just love and appreciate children's books as much as I do, this art book is a lovely inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

This book looks great! Thanks so much for the recommendation -- I am always looking for books that relate the arts to children, both for my own son and the children I will (hopefully) teach in the future. I'll be sure to put this one on my To-Buy list. :)