Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flower at my neighbor's

I have no idea what kind of flower this is, but I am completely smitten by it. My neighbor at the end of the street has a corner lot with a southern exposure. Before she bought the house, it was just an ordinary house with a very plain yard, but once she got her hands on it, she transformed the whole thing into a place of sheer beauty. She started small: a rock here, a tree there, a flowering shrub over there, but she kept adding and changing and adding some more until the whole place just blossomed. Every season at her house is gorgeous. She gets the first crocuses of the spring with that southern exposure of hers, and every year in the summer she amazes me with some new plant. Every year I think surely she can't fit one more thing in her yard, but by golly if she doesn't always find space to squeeze in one more new thing. I don't know how she does it! This year she has added this flower.

Look at the buds!
And the foliage! It twists and curls and looks almost like a sea shell.

Here is a bud about to open:

The flowers don't always bow down like that, but we had a torrential downpour this afternoon that lasted at least an hour, so everything got a little knocked down. I'll try to get another photo of the flowers some time when they are a little perkier.


Glenda said...

Those buds are very interesting looking! Beautiful flower, too.

My stepmom has The Magical Gardening Touch (flowers, not food). Her and my dad's front and back yards always look like something out of a magazine. It's so fun to poke around out there and see what's new.

Anonymous said...

those are poppies! I have always loved them too!

Michele T. said...

Looks like pink poppies! I love poppies but we have always had bad luck with them unfortunately.

besomom said...

Poppies! Cool! I guess I'm used to seeing those big red poppies everywhere.

Glenda, my mom sounds like your stepmom. A lot of my neighbors have The Magical Gardening Touch, so going for walks around here is fun.