Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Growing Gallery

My daughter brought home her art portfolio from school this week, filled with drawings and paintings she created this school year. This drawing of bouncing mice made me laugh out loud. It sums up her own personality perfectly: happy, energetic, and just plain silly. She was exploring patterns with this drawing. The colors are more vivid in person. This is definitely one to frame for display.

This is exactly how my daughter makes me feel lately:
She also brought home her self portrait. She was not fond of her self portrait last year, so she didn't let me photograph that one to share, but she does like this year's, so I have the okay to post it. (My son's self portrait from last year is posted here) The background is filled with her favorite things: cats, butterflies, fairies, books, and last but not least, chocolate! I already have my son's portrait framed, so now that I have one of my daughter that she will let me frame, I need to find more wall space.

I think I need a bigger house.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your daughter certainly has an eye for colour. What a talented artist she is! Her jumping mice are just adorable, and I love the patterns she drew. Her self portrait is great! Much better than I could draw at her age, that's for sure!

You must be so proud to have such creative kids. :)

Glenda said...

Love the jumping mice and the self-portrait!! Your daughter draws very well. I love how the self-portrait includes her likes.

Anonymous said...

I ADORE the jumping mice. Wow. They are totally great by any standard, not just "mother" "family" or "internet aunt" :-) standard!

The self portrait is well done too.

Anne said...

These are so nice!

besomom said...

Thanks, everyone. We've been very lucky to have a great art teacher at our school. My daughter adores her art class!