Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Montage (a hodgepodge post)

What we've been doing:

Signing up for the reading program at the library, mom and kids both. Can you guess who is reading what? I'm a little disappointed in the reading program for teens. It's not all about books. They can get "credit" for watching an hour of youtube. Excuse me? To be fair, other things they can do include reading to a child or senior citizen, making something by hand, working in a garden, or going 24 hours electronics-free, but the old-fashioned librarian in me would like to see reading good old-fashioned books encouraged. I must be something of a dinosaur. Were I to return to professional library work, I'd undoubtedly fit the stereotype of the stern woman scowling at the world from behind the reference desk.

Finding wildlife in our backyard. Frog and Toad here were in the basement window well. It's actually two toads, but the kids call them Frog and Toad. My son took a bazillion photos of them. This one turned out best.

Taking mid-afternoon naps. Well, the cats and me, anyway. The children are content with sleeping in. Way in. And then staying up too late. Way too late.

Playing baseball. His skills continue to improve. It's been fun to watch. Games are long. I have an embroidery WIP I bring along, but my hands sweat when he's on the mound, so I have to put it away.

Kayaking. We just brought this home today. It's a Father's Day present, and probably a birthday present for me, too. It seats two. We bought a floor model for a 15% discount, so got a great deal, but when you add in the roof rack, the paddles, the life jackets, and the cockpit cover, I think we're looking at this being a Christmas present as well! Father and son are out now, giving it a test drive. Husband and I keep calling it a "canoe", and you'd better believe those children of ours correct us immediately.


Taiya said...

I am 25 years old, and i feel like I am one of those stern library ladies, myself. How very disappointing that the reading program involves anything but reading. Spending an hour watching music videos on youtube does not constitute reading. With all of the amazing, mainstream books out there, there has to be SOMEthing in the library to entertain teens. Even if it is just a magazine!

Glenda said...

Consider me a stern library lady type, too ;-).

A kayak -- what fun!! I've always thought it would be fun to do, but have never tried it. It's on The List.

besomom said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only stern library lady around here, and it's especially good to know that 25 year olds feel that way, too. Maybe I'm not so old after all :)

Anonymous said...

speaking of librarian, you should totally add elizbeth mccracken's "a giant's house" to your summer reading list. the main character is a librarian and the story is great. it's been a while since I've re-read it but I often do ;)

and I also agree youtube does not equal reading, it's not even close, it's actually quite insulting that the library programs considers that "reading"